The Story of

For nearly two decades, I provided sports analysis to a private group of sports bettors and made a fortune. Not a little one, but a rather large one. My compensation was tied to the performance of their bets, but like so many others that go out on their own, I wanted more than the 20% I was receiving. In 2016, my non-compete agreement expired, and I began offering my advisory services to the public. It’s the best of both worlds. First, my team and I make money on our in-house bets. Second, we trade for bettors that don’t have the time to place their wagers. And finally, I can monetize the information through selling my advice.

If you are betting baseball, you need an MLB Specialist.

Let me first start by telling you that it is impossible for one a single person to invest the kind of analysis your money deserves into every game, and every sport. This process is necessary to uncovered edges. There are no short-cuts to winning in sports betting. The notion that one service can provide investment-worthy advice on multiple-sports every single day is patently ludicrous.

We work 12 months a year, and our only focus is MLB. That’s it folks.

Ultimately, players want (and deserve) to have the confidence of knowing their service has devoted a significant amount of thought before releasing betting advice. I can’t think of a greater lapse in financial and ethical responsibility than for a sports service to send out picks not supported by analysis. I wager every single pick that I release, and do so, with large sums of money.

The MLB Winners Methodology

If you’ve been betting sports for any amount of time, you know some of the obstacles facing players, but have you ever taken a look at the science and math behind sports betting and why it’s so hard to win? 

We’ve been at this for a very long time, and have provided you a guided tour.  It’s the reason why players lose consistently, and why traditional handicappers will never be able to solve the problem of losing for you. Indeed, it takes true professionals, and specialists like us if you want to beat the bookmakers.

Over the next five minutes, you will at the very minimum learn how you can avoid more betting losses.

Diagnosing the Problem of Recreational Bettors:

Most of you are not going to going to have the math and engineering background that I have, (if you do, you will appreciate this), but let me be  clear about this point: odds, numbers, and probabilities are scientific in nature. A bookmaker doesn’t know what any of this mean, and he doesn’t have to. Just like 98% of those placing bets tonight have no idea.

Here is the mathematical visualization of what you are up against:

Fig. 1. A typical sports betting setting for a game with n outcomes, displaying bookmaker’s probabilistic estimates Pb and player’s estimates Pp, both distanced from the true distribution Pr and from each other.

On a cold afternoon in January, I spent the afternoon searching online to research just how many “expert” handicappers were online. I must confess I found the process to be richly rewarding. I was at times surprised, shocked, and just when I thought I had seen it all, I was treated to more surprises

Do players really believe this hype?

Sadly, many do.

If you are just betting for kicks, and entertainment, then there’s nothing wrong with the “Platinum Power Passes”, and my favorite, “Lock of the Decade”, but if you are betting for a return on your money, you must avoid these outfits.

This is a math-based business. It’s financial engineering. It’s statistics. It’s probabilities.  It’s predictive modeling. It’s very hard work.  It’s optimizing strategies for maximum returns.

Ever heard of the Kelly criterion, or seen it in action?

Without disparaging the market “experts”, we all know that none have such familiarity, working knowledge, or the skill to undertake this kind of analysis.

Most players lack any sort of bankroll discipline or money-management. It is also unlikely they understand Markowitz’s Modern Portfolio Theory, Risk Management Practices, or Drawdown constraints. Without a sound, strategic plan for money management in place bankrolls tend to get eaten up quickly. 

Does this look foreign to you?

“Every bet you make deserves this level of analysis, scrutiny, and careful consideration of every detail that make for a sound investment.”

The MLB Winners Pick Service

How are picks delivered?

Picks are delivered over our SMS Texting Service. After purchase you are automatically enrolled in the system, and will begin receiving service. No “call-in to verify your account” or the like, it is an automated system. 

What do the picks look like?

Good question. Let’s go through a example of a pick you would receive:

Anatomy of a Sample Pick:

(B) [902] BRAVES +125

(B) - The Rating A, B or C

[902] - The Game Rotation Number

Braves - Team Name

+125 - Consensus Odds

Every pick has a Rating Level, and includes the Rotation and Team information so you can locate it easily in your book. Rotation number is provided so you can tell which game it is for, in the case of a double-header.

We also include the Consensus Odds (at the time of release), so you can see if the line has changed since we released the information. 

All clients receive a detailed money-management guide, as well as the option to schedule a one-on-one onboarding call with one of our specialists to walk through your objectives and risk profile.

What should you expect if you go with another service, or try to handicap MLB on your own?

 Losses. Frustration. More losses. And even more frustration. Baseball is for scientific bettors, and as explained above, unless you have a command of high-level statistics, probabilities, and databases to perform predictive modeling, you will lose. This is not a reflection on you as a bettor or as a person, it is just a statistical reality that I have seen play out for decades.

What should you expect if you join my service, and implement my strategies?

Consistent income from the MLB betting markets. No more looking for other sources, no more chasing, and no more restless nights wondering why you are “doomed” or “cursed”. You are disciplined, sharp, and the money is the proof.





The perfect way to try our service for the season, get access to the three highest rated bets curated daily from the following betting protocols:

Key Game Totals (GT), Team Totals (TT), Game Bets (GB)- RunLines & MoneyLines

(Regularly $2,525)

(Regularly $12,500)

Preseason pricing good through opening day.

For Full-access Seasonal and Institutional Service Options email
Qualified Players Only – Services start at $20,000 USD


Timing is important. Our customers will receive text alerts the moment we publish a pick. This eliminates the need to check for emails wondering if, or when, a pick will be sent. This also ensures our clients receive the best available market odds, allowing them to take advantage of the information prior to any line moves.

Our engineers have developed an internal weighting system that grades each play based on A, B, C. This grade is based on confidence, value, market odds, and current trends. We don’t force plays and we don’t release high-volume. Our mutual success is based on our ability to find the value on the board and your discipline to not bet other picks. We will do our part.


We believe in the power of accountability and transparency. In a market that is crowded with fly by night operations and questionable marketing, we are proud to offer a transparent experience. While past performance does not guarantee future results, it presents useful data for making investment decisions.

We appreciate your time and look forward to doing business together. We understand that selecting a sport service is an important decision and we hope you make the right one. As sport betting grows in popularity so does the pool of so-called “experts”. One bit of advice. MLB betting requires specialists, not multi-sport handicappers. If you are looking for a group with deep expertise in MLB betting, we are the only solution.

Have questions? We can help.