MLB Winners Introductory Special

If you are betting baseball, you need an MLB Specialist.

The MLB Winners Pick Service

How are picks delivered?

Picks are delivered over our SMS Texting Service. After purchase you are automatically enrolled in the system, and will begin receiving service. No “call-in to verify your account” or the like, it is an automated system. 

What do the picks look like?

Good question. Let’s go through a example of a pick you would receive:

Anatomy of a Sample Pick:

(B) [902] BRAVES +125

(B) - The Rating A, B or C

[902] - The Game Rotation Number

Braves - Team Name

+125 - Consensus Odds

Every pick has a Rating Level, and includes the Rotation and Team information so you can locate it easily in your book. Rotation number is provided so you can tell which game it is for, in the case of a double-header.

We also include the Consensus Odds (at the time of release), so you can see if the line has changed since we released the information. 

All clients receive a detailed money-management guide, as well as the option to schedule a one-on-one onboarding call with one of our specialists to walk through your objectives and risk profile.